domingo, diciembre 24, 2000


Version 1.0

Transcribed by
John Haller

Originally posted to rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc on December 18-19, 1995
in six parts. Combined into this document with very minor corrections
by Alec Usticke.


A couple of notes on this transcript:

1. There are several cuts that are not included in this transcript. The
main ones include:

a. various shots that are cut very quickly between the
cockpit of the Falcon to outside of it.

b. cuts to commercials are not included. Also, after a
commercial break the duplicate footage from before the

c. during the wall screen calls, the cuts between the
different locations

2. Various word's spellings are approximated.

3. Any corrections, additions, questions, and comments on my sanity for
doing this are welcomed




Han and Chewbacca are seated in the cockpit of the Falcon.


The Falcon speeds across the screen. Two Star Destroyer chase the Falcon
and fire on her. Several of the laser blasts connect with the shields.


The Falcon rocks as lasers hit their shields.

HAN: That's it I'm turning back.

Chewie growls at Han in reply.

HAN: I know your family's waiting.

Chewie growls again.

HAN: I know it's an important day.

Chewie growls again at Han.

HAN: All right. We'll give it a try. I'll set short coordinates - we won't jump far.

Han flips some switches on a control panel.

HAN: I'll get you back there in time, pal. Trust me.

Chewie growls and leans over and pits his arm around Han very


A Star Destroyer is firing on the falcon.


HAN: Our only hope now, is to outrun that Imperial garbage scow, tho'. I'm
going to lightspeed.

Chewie growls yet again. Han smiles.

HAN: That's the spirit! You'll be celebrating Life Day before you know it!
Standby, here's where we say goodbye to our unpleasant friends.

The Falcon makes the jump to hyperspace.


A graphic is displayed over the starfield left from the Falcon jumping to

ANNOUNCER: The Star Wars Holiday Special. Starring Mark Hamill as Luke

A clip is shown of Luke in his flight uniform.

ANNOUNCER: Harrison Ford as Han Solo.

A clip is shown of Han in the cockpit of the Falcon.

ANNOUNCER: Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia.

A clip is shown of Leia in her white dress from Star Wars.

ANNOUNCER: With, Anthony Daniels as C-3PO.

A clip is shown of C-3PO.

ANNOUNCER: Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca.

A clip is shown of Chewie.

ANNOUNCER: R2-D2 as R2-D2.

A clip is shown of R2 rolling around.

ANNOUNCER: And, James Earl Jones as the voice of Darth Vader.

A clip is shown of Vader walking down a corridor of the Death Star with an
Imperial Officer.

ANNOUNCER: Introducing Chewbacca's family,

A clip is shown of Chewie's family altogether.

ANNOUNCER: His wife, Malla.

A clip is shown of Malla who is around Chewbacca's height and slightly

ANNOUNCER: His father, Itchy.

A clip is shown of Itchy who is shorter than Chewie. He has gray and white
hair and a very bad under bite.

ANNOUNCER: His son, Lumpy.

A clip is shown of Lumpy who is a small wookiee child.

ANNOUNCER: With special guest stars, Beatrice Arthur.

A clip of her is shown.

ANNOUNCER: Art Carney.

A clip of him is shown.

ANNOUNCER: Diahann Carroll.

A clip of her singing is shown.

ANNOUNCER: The Jefferson Starship.

A clip of the band performing is shown.

ANNOUNCER: Harvey Korman.

Different clips of him is shown in the roles he plays.

ANNOUNCER: And an animated Star Wars story on...

A clip is shown from the cartoon of Boba Fett on some creature.

ANNOUNCER: The Star Wars Holiday Special.

The original graphic of THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL, is brought
back up.


Outside shot of Chewbacca's family's home. It is a high in the trees and looks
like a cartoonish painting.


Malla is busy in the kitchen cleaning or cooking. Itchy is sitting in a chair
carving X-wings out of wood. Lumpy comes down the steps "flying" one of
the X-wings that his grandfather has carved. He then proceeds to "fly" the
X-wing around Itchy's head. Itchy growls at Lumpy in anger. Malla makes a
reluctant Lumpy leave his Grandfather alone and to take out the garbage. On
his way over to the garbage can, Lumpy sees some cookies on the table and
picks one up. Malla sees this and makes him put it back. She then hands him
the garbage can he is to take out. Lumpy heads to take out the garbage and
Malla goes back into the kitchen.


Lumpy exits the door and sets the can next to it. He looks through the railing
to the cartoonish ground far below. He then looks back into the house to see
if anyone is watching. Apparently, the coast is clear, so, he climbs up on the
railing and walks along it like a tightrope walker.


Malla walks over to Itchy and pats him on the shoulder. She then walks over
to some shelves and gets a picture frame down with a picture of Chewbacca
in it. Itchy walks over to her. They exchange some grunts and growls. Malla
goes back to the kitchen. Itchy gets a cartridge from a shelf and looks around
for Lumpy. Lumpy runs up to him. They head over to a hologram table similar
to the chess board on the Falcon. Itchy puts the cartridge in and a strange
circus of holographic aliens appear. They dance, do acrobatics, and in
general caper around. Lumpy is very amused by this and claps at the end of
the show. Malla makes Lumpy come over and dry the dishes when its over.

Malla goes over to a computer console and pushes some buttons on it.
Nonsense letter and number combinations come up and then the messsage:
YOU HAVE REACHED TRAFFIC CONTROL is displayed. Itchy becomes
interested and comes over to Malla. She pushes more buttons and a
message saying: NO STARSHIPS IN AREA is displayed. Malla switches
off the computer.

They both then go over to the shelves again and pull aside two panels to
reveal a hidden communications monitor. Appearing on the screen is Luke, in
his pilot uniform, and R2 working on an engine in a workshop. Luke, who is
on his knees, looks up.

LUKE: (on monitor) What's that? (to R2) Oh, R2, look. It's Chewbacca's


Chewbacca's family waves at Luke and R2 from the monitor on Luke's end.


On the monitor, Luke gives R2 something.

LUKE (to R2) Here, keep working on it.

Luke gets up and walks toward his monitor.

LUKE: (to wookiees) Hello Malla, Itchy. Hiya Lumpy.

The wookiees wave at Luke through the monitor.

LUKE: Where's Chewbacca?

All three of them start grunting and growling at the same time. Luke holds up
his hands, as if to slow them down.

LUKE: Whoa, wait a minute! One at a time.

Itchy growls at Lumpy and Lumpy walks away mad at him. Malla then
"explains" to Luke what is wrong.

LUKE: Yeah...

Something begins to smoke so R2 whistles and bumps into Luke's leg. Luke
just motions him away without looking at what R2 wants.

LUKE: Not now, R2.

Malla gets down the picture of Chewbacca off of her shelf and holds it up to
her monitor. R2 beeps more at Luke. This time he notices the problem about
the smoke.

LUKE: Uh, wait a minute, I don't like the looks of this. Let me get this fixed.

More smoke pours out of the engine that Luke was working on. He takes a
tool to it and adjusts something.

LUKE: (to R2) Oh, R2, you're supposed to be watching that... There, that
ought to hold it. I think.

He waves the smoke away and makes another adjustment. He then looks up
to his monitor.

LUKE: (to Malla) What's up?

He sees the picture of Chewbacca that Malla is holding.

LUKE: Chewbacca... yeah, well, bring him to the screen. I want to say hello
to him.

The wookiees shake their heads at Luke. They continue their growling.

LUKE: You don't know where he is? ...Oh, he's not there yet. Is that it?

The wookiees shake their heads in agreement at Luke's answer.

LUKE: Oh boy. Well, all I can tell you is that, uh, he and Han left here on
schedule. If he's not there now, they're way overdue. There must've been

More smoke comes out of the engine and R2 beeps at Luke. The wookiees
start sounding upset.

LUKE: (to R2) R2, please, this is important. (to Malla) Now, now listen. Calm
down. I mean, you know how Han and Chewbacca are - anything could've
happened - they could've, they could've stopped off somewhere, or been
held up by an asteroid storm. Listen, I wouldn't worry about Chewbacca, I
know him and he hasn't missed a Life Day yet, right?

The wookiees nod in agreement at Luke on their monitor.

LUKE: Well, there you go! He's not going to miss this one either. It's just
taking him a little longer to get there, that's all. He'll make it.

Luke starts to turn away and notices the "sad" expression on Malla's face.

LUKE: Come on, don't look so worried. Now, Chewie's not gonna wanna
come home to a house full of long faces, is he? Come on, Malla. Let's see a
little smile. Come on...

Malla finally gives in and smiles for Luke. Luke smiles back at her in

LUKE: There, that's better. Try to enjoy your Life Day. I gotta get back to this
engine. I think we might have it solved.

R2 touches the engine and smoke comes out of it very heavily.

LUKE: (to R2) Oh! R2! What are you doing?! Oh no...

R2 beeps at Luke. He looks up and pats R2 on his dome.

LUKE: It's alright. Nobody's perfect.

Smoke continues to fill the workshop and the wookiees monitor's picture
breaks up as the connection is broken. They then close the secret panels to
conceal the monitor.

Malla walks back over to the console that she used earlier. She pushes more
buttons on it and the screen comes to life. First, the screen displays a
message saying: SUB TERMINAL 446B. Then, it flashes: STANDBY
followed by: CONNECT. The next screen pulls up the message: TRADING
POST WOOKIEE PLANET C. This then cuts to a scene of a shop with an
Imperial guard looking around at the goods for sale. The owner of the
establishment walks into the store and notices the man. The owner is

SAUNDAN: Hello, an Imperial Guard. I suppose you want to see my

He reaches into his pocket to pull out his identification.

IMPERIAL GUARD: No, I'm off duty. I've come to look around your shop.

SAUNDAN: Well, good, good, good. Look around, browse around, make
yourself at home... As you can see I've got just about everything a man or
wookiee would want.

The Imperial Guard, who’s looking around on a table, picks up a clear bag
and examines it.

SAUNDAN: Oh here, let me show you this; I really love this.

He picks up a small clear box with a dark back on it. He blows on it and
shines it with his sleeve. He decides that it is not good enough.


He then picks up another and decides it is not good enough either.

SAUNDAN: Uh-uh...

He then gets one that has a green base and smiles.

SAUNDAN: Ah, here we are. Here it is. A pocket sized aquarium. Wonderful,
isn't it?

He hands the aquarium to the guard who holds it up to show the fish that are
inside of it.

SAUNDAN: And, you can take it with you anywhere. And the tank is a snap
to clean.

IMPERIAL GUARD: I hate fish.

He puts the small tank back on the table and browses some more at what is
on it.

SAUNDAN: Well, so do I, as a matter of fact. I take a drink once and a while,
but I just thought I'd show you some of the stupid stuff those wookiees
purchase from me. Oh, here...

He walks over to a shelf behind them and gets a shoe box sized container
from off it.

SAUNDAN: Here's a hot little item that seems to be moving pretty rapidly
these days.

He sets the box on the table and opens it. A warbling buzzer sounds and
makes him look up.

SAUNDAN: Excuse me, I got a wall screen customer.

He turns to the wall screen.

SAUNDAN: (to Malla) Good to see you again.

Malla growls and waves to him.

SAUNDAN: Don't worry Malla. I know just why you're calling. You're
wondering when that shaggy carpet you ordered will arrive at your home.

Malla growls in agreement with his assumption.

SAUNDAN: Let me assure you madam, it's on its way. You know, it was
made especially for you by a little old woman four planets away. She did it all
by herself. In fact, you might say she did it by Han... Solo.

Malla growls enthusiastically at him.

SAUNDAN: Tho' it's going to take some time to get to you. I know you'll

He looks back to see if the Imperial Guard is paying attention to him.

SAUNDAN: (under his breath) You understand don't you?

Malla growls agreement.

SAUNDAN: (normally) Terrific! By the way, I'll be by later to drop off that
extra proton energy pack.

Malla waves farewell and growls.

SAUNDAN: You're welcome.

The call is terminated. Saundan turns back to the Guard who is still browsing
around the shop. He then proceeds to pick up the item from the box that he
was showing before the wall screen call.

SAUNDAN: (to guard) What's a matter? Don't you like this?

IMPERIAL GUARD: It's just a groomer.

SAUNDAN: Just a groomer?


SAUNDAN: Just a groomer, you say? It's a lot more than that.

He picks up the manual for the groomer out of its box.

SAUNDAN: Evidently, you haven't read the instructions, the warranty, and
the guarantee. (reading from the manual) ... besides shaving and hair
trimming. It's guaranteed to lift stains off clothing, faces, and hands. Cleans
teeth, fingers, and toenails. Washes eyes, pierces ears, calculates,
modulates, and syncopates like rhythms and can repeat the entire Imperial
Code, all 17 volumes, in half the time of the old XP-21. Just the thing to keep
you squeaky clean.

He puts the manual down on the table.

SAUNDAN: I use one of these all the time.


Saundan glances down at himself and notices how unkempt he looks.

SAUNDAN: Well, not all the time, but some of the time. Oh, another
outstanding, uh, feature of this little model - you can recharge it by simply
plugging it into any ordinary laser outlet.

The Imperial Guard takes the groomer from the Saundan's hands and puts it
in his belt.

IMPERIAL GUARD: I'll take it.

SAUNDAN: Good! I thought you would. Well, would you like to pay me
something for it or give me something in trade?

IMPERIAL GUARD: I said I'll take it!

The Imperial Guard turns and leaves the shop with the groomer.

SAUNDAN: That's a load off my mind. I thought I might embarrass you when
I told you it was a gift. (to himself) I don't like embarrassing people. I don't like
being embarrassed myself that's why I, uh, don't like to embarrass people. I
just said that. ... just a groomer...


Two Star Destroyers head across the screen.


Darth Vader and an Imperial Officer are walking down a corridor.

IMPERIAL OFFICER: We've ordered a blockade and a curfew. And, started
a search operation. It's just a matter of time before we find the Rebels.

DARTH VADER: I want the Rebels located and identified. If it means
searching every household in the system.


Again, we are outside the cartoonish tree home of Chewbacca's family.


Lumpy and Malla are in the kitchen finishing the dishes. Lumpy gets done
drying the dishes and hands the towel to his mother. He then waves at her
and leaves the kitchen. Malla just shakes her head at him. She then turns on
the monitor above the counter to a cooking show. A strange looking "female"
cook, Chef Gormaanda, comes on.


Malla gives a greeting to the Chef Gormaanda.

CHEF GORMAANDA: Today we are going to be preparing a very succulent
dish called "Bantha Surprise."

Malla heads over to another counter and get a large pot. She brings it over
by the monitor.

CHEF GORMAANDA: It's not only a very hearty, nourishing dish, but it's very
economical, too. So all those hungry mouths in your household will be going
"yummy yum for their tummy tum." If you just follow along with me as I
prepare this popular favorite.

Chef Gormaanda picks up a hunk of meat off of her counter.

CHEF GORMAANDA: Now, today I'm going to be using the tenderest cut of
the bantha: the loin. The loin is very tasty and serves four nicely. But, of
course, if your family has a hearty appetite, I would suggest then that old
popular holiday favorite: The Bantha Rump.

Malla growls in agreement. Chef Gormaanda drops her meat onto the
counter with a plop.

CHEF GORMAANDA: Um, very tender. Ah, we just slice into bite-sized

Chef Gormaanda uses a small knife to slice up her's. Malla (whose meat is
already in front of her) uses a large meat cleaver to "slice" hers.

CHEF GORMAANDA: And only you know the size of a bite in your family!

Chef Gormaanda points her knife at the camera and winks to emphasize her

CHEF GORMAANDA: Oh! Alright, now it's time to put our chunks into our

The two put their meat in the respective pots.

CHEF GORMAANDA: Nicely... nicely... Add a dash of negavo.

Chef Gormaanda tastes every ingredient she names before putting it in her

CHEF GORMAANDA: Umm, very good. A sprig of celentery. Umm, umm,
just a bit of turshum, always nice. And, uh. Um! Turshum is nice! And, just a
little whisper of chelchum. Ah, looking very nice.

Malla growls.

CHEF GORMAANDA: Guess what I forgot? A bit of the calarantrum root!
Wonderful! Just adds that touch of piquancy. There we go. Very nice. Um!
Now we add enough liquid to cover.

They both pour liquid into their pots.

CHEF GORMAANDA: And guess what we're ready for now: the cooking!
Step one - we stir the mixture. Stir, stir, stir, stir, stir, stir, stir, stir, stir, stir, stir,
very nice.

Chef Gormaanda stirs her mixture with every "stir" she says with a spoon.
Malla is stirring hers, too.

CHEF GORMAANDA: Now, step two - while we're stirring, we also whip.

Chef Gormaanda picks up a whip with her free hand. Malla follows suit.

CHEF GORMAANDA: So it's stir, whip, stir, whip, whip, whip, stir, stir, whip,
stir, whip, whip, whip, stir. Now, let's try it again together at an increased
tempo because precision is very important in this recipe and we do want a
fine consistency, don't we? So, and on the count of one - stir, whip, stir, whip,
whip, whip, stir, stir, whip, stir, whip, whip, whip, stir. Come on, faster
altogether now. Cooking can be fun. (faster) Stir, whip, stir, whip, whip, whip,
stir, stir, whip, stir, whip, whip, whip, stir. Wah! Having fun, having fun, alright.
Having it all nicely, now. Step three - we also have to beat.

A "third" hand comes from behind Chef Gormaanda and picks up a mallet. It
places it in the pot.

CHEF GORMAANDA: So it's: beat, beat, beat, stir, whip, stir, whip, beat,
beat, stir. That's not right. I'm sorry. Stir, whip, stir, whip, whip, whip, stir,
beat, stir, whip, stir, whip, whip, whip, stir, beat. A ha ha, ha ha ha, huh huh
huh, huh huh huh. Coming... coming along nicely. Mmmm, starting to have a
fine aroma.

Chef Gormaanda starts to sneeze. A "fourth" hand appears from behind the
cook. The hand puts a finger to her nose to stop the sneeze.

CHEF GORMAANDA: Whew, caught it just in time. Now at this time, I usually
like to taste the broth. So, we'll have a little taste and see how it's coming

The fourth hand picks up a ladle and dips it in the pot to get some broth. Chef
Gormaanda tastes it. Malla just picks up her whole pot and tastes it from

CHEF GORMAANDA: Mmmm, a little bit more turshum. A bit negavo. A little
tunkell. One for the pot, um! Coming along very nice. Mmm! Oh, wonderful!
Coming along nicely...

Malla gets frustrated with keeping up with Chef Gormaanda and shuts off her
monitor. She takes her pot and puts it on the floor.


Several TIE fighters are attacking the Falcon. The ships exchange fire and
one of the TIEs are destroyed.


Chewie puts his arm around Han and growls. Han smiles at Chewie in return.
Chewie growls again as the cockpit is rocked from laser blasts.

HAN: Alright. Alright, the coordinates weren't the best.

Chewie growls in agreement to Han's statement.

HAN: Out of the frying pan into the fryer, huh pal? How should I know we'd
come outta hyperspace into the middle of an Imperial convoy. At least
against these fighters we got more of a chance. However slim...

Chewie growls something to Han.

HAN: You can say that again. This is one Life Day we won't soon forget.
Wait, I lost control of the remote cannons.

Chewie growls.

HAN: I'm gonna hafta run back and operate the aft gun manually. Stay on
things here. Why do I always think that taking you home for Life Day's gonna
be easy?

Chewie just growls back at Han.


Malla is standing near their shelves staring at the picture of Chewie that she
is holding. Itchy is sleeping in a chair. A loud buzzer sounds and wakes him
up. The two look around in alarm, not knowing what it means. The wall
screen comes on and an Imperial Officer appears on it.

IMPERIAL OFFICER: Attention all viewers.

Malla and Itchy walk over to the screen to see what is the problem.

IMPERIAL OFFICER: Due to suspected Rebel activity on the Kashyyyk
planet, the Empire has declared martial law. A blockade has been set up
around the planet. No ships will be permitted to land or take off until further

A knock is heard at the door. Malla takes Lumpy towards the kitchen and
Itchy goes to answer the door. He growls to see who is at the door.

SAUNDAN: It's me Saundan.

Itchy opens the door and lets him in. Saundan is carrying a bag with a box in
it in one hand and something that looks like a "boom box" in the other. Both
have bows on them.

SAUNDAN: Hi, Itchy. I brought you that proton pack. You know, for the, uh,
the whatsis, the whatchamalcalit, the, the thingamabob, the mind evaporator.
That's it, the mind evaporator. Boy am I glad to see you folks. How are my
favorite wookiees today? Why all the long hairy faces? I made it through the
Imperial patrol, didn't I? If I made it, Chewie and Han will. Is this all the big
hello I get?

Lumpy runs up to him and gives him a hug. Saundan takes the box out of the
bag and hands it to Lumpy.

SAUNDAN: I brought you somethin' special short stuff. You want it? You got
it. Happy Life Day. I love to make a wookiee happy.

Lumpy takes the box and runs upstairs.

SAUNDAN: And now, for the lovely lady of the house.

He picks up the "boom box."

SAUNDAN: Happy Life Day.

Malla starts to take the box from him but Saundan holds on to it.

SAUNDAN: Now wait aa, wait a minute, not so fast. What does an old friend
get? Well?

Malla gives him a kiss on the cheek and he gives her the box.

SAUNDAN: That's more like it.


Lumpy runs up into his bedroom. There are toys scattered all over, including
a stuffed bantha. He sits the box on the floor and opens it. Inside is some
kind of electronic do-it-yourself kit. Lumpy pulls it out and dumps all the parts
on his floor.


SAUNDAN: (to Itchy) Itchy, I know what you'd like.

Itchy and Saundan walk over to the mind evaporator. It is a chair with a
helmet and visor. Itchy sits in the chair.

SAUNDAN: I'll insert this proton pack.

Saundan inserts the proton pack into the back of the chair.

SAUNDAN: Now then Itchy, I thought you might like this. It's one of those
uh... oh, it's a real... it's kinda hard to explain... WOW, if you know what I
mean. (to himself) Put that right in there.

He places a small cartridge in the arm of the chair.

SAUNDAN: (to Itchy) Happy Life Day. And I do mean happy Life Day.

The program starts. It is a swirling kaleidoscope of light. Several beings swim
through the designs.

WOMAN: (voice only) I know you're searching for me. Searching,
searching... I'm here. My voice is for you alone.

A blurry image of a woman appears in the middle of the swirling.

WOMAN: I am found in your eyes only. I exist for you alone. I am in your
mind as you create me. Oh, yes... I can feel my creation.

A woman with pink stringy hair comes completely in focus. She giggles.

WOMAN: (on monitor) I'm getting your message. Are you getting mine?

Itchy growls a happy affirmative.

WOMAN: Oh, oh... We are excited, aren't we? Well, just relax. Just relax.
Yes, a little more. Now, we can have a good time, can't we? I'll tell you a
secret, I find you adorable.

Itchy hits the repeat button.

WOMAN: I'll tell you a secret, I find you adorable.

Itchy hits the repeat button again.

WOMAN: I find you adorable.

Itchy hits the repeat button one more time.

WOMAN: I find you adorable.

Itchy growls.

WOMAN: I don't need to ask how you find me. (with echo) You see, I am
your fantasy. I am your experience. So experience me. I am your pleasure.
Enjoy me. This is our moment together in time that we might turn this
moment into an eternity.

Music starts to play.

WOMAN: (singing)

If we could only bend this minute.
Infinitely extend this minute. Then I
could live my whole life right now.
Reality is sweet this minute. Can't we
repeat and repeat this minute? Why can't
it always be right now?

I've parted with yesterday. Yesterday's moment
is cold. All I ask is this moment to hold. How
can we ever lose this minute? From all my life,
I choose this minute. I will give up the old
and the new. Sharing with you this minute now.

If I could just hold my breath and
close my eyes and not make a sound. Will
the universe stop going 'round? Still the
universe keeps going 'round and 'round and
on and on and on and on and on.

A minute's almost gone. How can we ever,
ever lose this minute? From all my life, I
choose this minute. I will never need anything
more than living for this minute now. This
minute now. This minute now. This minute
now. This minute now. This minute now.
This minute now. This minute now. This
minute now. This minute now.

The program ends with the woman fading into the swirling that it started with.


3PO is trying to make a connection on the communications device. Leia is
behind a desk working on something. Malla answers at her end of the line.

C-3PO: (to Leia) Ah, I have made the connection. You may speak now, if you

Leia gets up from he desk and walks over to the monitor.

LEIA: Malla, it's good to see you. Happy Life Day.

Malla growls.

C-3PO: (translating) Oh, she says it may be a happy Life Day for you, but
personally, she's seen happier ones.

LEIA: (to 3PO) I... I don't want to tie up the channels. (to Malla) So, could you
do me a favor and send either Chewbacca or Han Solo to the screen please?

Malla growls and shakes he head "no".

C-3PO: (translating) She says that she would like to grant your request, but is
quite unable to do so.

LEIA: (to Malla) You mean they haven't arrived yet?

Malla growls.

C-3PO: (translating) She says, there has been no contact.

LEIA: (to 3PO) Yes, I think I understand her message. Oh, that Imperial
patrol must be giving them more trouble than we bargained for. Oh... (to
Malla) Malla, are, are you alone?

Malla growls that she isn't.

C-3PO: (to Leia) If, you would permit me. (translating) No, she says she is
not alone. She's with a friend.

LEIA: (to Malla) Could he come to the screen, please?

Malla growls and motions for Saundan to come over to the monitor. He does
as she says.

SAUNDAN: (to Leia) Good afternoon, ma'am. I'm Saundan, a local trader. A
friend of the rebellion and a member of the Alliance.

LEIA: (to Saundan) Good. Look, I know I can count on you to take care of my
friends until their leader returns. You'll do that for me, won't you?

SAUNDAN: Yes indeed, ma'am. That's what I'm here for.

Malla growls and puts her arm around Saundan very affectionately.

C-3PO: (translating) She is expressing her warmth towards the trader.

Leia is slightly amused by 3PO's need to translate that and smiles.

LEIA: (to Malla) Look, I can see you're in good hands, Malla. I'll contact you
again, soon.

The call ends.


SAUNDAN: (to Malla) Now then, what's that I smell? Oh, could it be some of
those famous wookiee cookies?

Malla shakes her head "yes" and they head towards the kitchen. They also
leave open the panels that conceal their secret communications monitor.


Chewie growls at Han.

HAN: I told you we'd make it. Did I ever let you down?

Chewie growls affectionately at Han.

HAN: I feel the same way about you too, pal. And your family.


The Falcon is heading towards the green planet of Kashyyyk.


HAN: I've never seen so much Imperial traffic in this system.

A display is shown of the Imperial traffic to show Han's point.

HAN: Better land on the north side. It'll be safer there.

Chewie growls.

HAN: So, it's a long walk. A little exercise never hurt anybody.


The Falcon is just about to enter the atmosphere of the planet.


HAN: Happy Life Day, pal.


The Falcon flies over a forest on the surface of the planet Kashyyyk.


Lumpy looks up at the sound of a ship flying overhead. He becomes very


Malla and Saundan are seated at the table as they hear the sound of the
ship. The stand up excitedly.

SAUNDAN: Sounds like a starship. What I tell ya? Must be Chewbacca now!

Malla growls happily at his announcement.


Lumpy runs towards the stairs and heads down.


Malla and Lumpy meet at the door and open it only to be greeted by two
stormtroopers with blasters pointed at them. The stormtroopers enter,
followed by an Imperial guard and an Imperial officer. Saundan walk quietly
over to the secret communications monitor and closes the panels to conceal
it. The Imperial guard walks up to the officer with some device in his hand.

IMPERIAL GUARD: (to officer) This unit is occupied by four wookiees. Two
adult males, one adult female, and one male child.

The officer snaps his fingers and dismisses the Imperial guard. He then
walks over to where the huddled group of wookiees and Saundan are

IMPERIAL OFFICER: (to Malla) Where is the other wookiee male?

Malla just growls and Saundan walks over to the Imperial Officer.

SAUNDAN: Officer, uh, maybe I could be of some help there, sir.

IMPERIAL OFFICER: (to Saundan) Who are you and what are you doing in
this wookiee house?

SAUNDAN: Oh, I'm a trader in this district. You see, the uh, uh the truth of
the matter is she had a terrible fight with her husband and he just stormed
right out.

IMPERIAL OFFICER: Your identification.


IMPERIAL OFFICER: (yelling) I said it! (normally) Your identification.

SAUNDAN: Oh, identification, yes. It's a very important thing, identification. I,
I never leave the shop without my identification. It's uh, it's very important,
just in times like this.

The Imperial officer gets the pad from the guard and snaps his fingers at a
stormtrooper. The stormtrooper points his blaster in Saundan's face.

SAUNDAN: I just found my identification. I think it's in my pocket.

He pull his identification out of his pocket and hands it to the Imperial officer.

IMPERIAL OFFICER: (to his troops) Search the dwelling.

The officer snaps his fingers to signal his men. They begin to spread out and
search the house.

SAUNDAN: Officer, you may notice that little leather case that I carry my
identification card in. I whipped that up myself. That's a pretty fast selling little

Saundan laughs nervously.

SAUNDAN: Uh... uh well, some people like to keep things neat and clean
and that's why uh, I have the little leather case for the identification card. As a
matter of fact, if any of you guys want a couple of those leather cases. I've
gotta couple of extra ones here.

One of the stormtroopers pulls open one of the panels that conceal the
communications monitor. He doesn't notice that the other panel opens and
closes it. Saundan, who was watching this, is very relieved.

SAUNDAN: Oh, officer, that uh, that picture you're looking at right now was
taken quite a few years ago. That's uh, one of me. I've gained quite a bit of
weight since then.

Saundan laughs nervously again. The Imperial guard kneels down in front of

IMPERIAL GUARD: (to Lumpy) Hello little guy. Where's your daddy?

Lumpy snaps at the Imperial guard.

IMPERIAL GUARD: (angrily) Hey, they have no respect for authority!

The guard pulls his arm back to strike Lumpy. Malla steps forward and growls
angrily at him. Saundan steps between them and separates them.

SAUNDAN: (to guard) Excuse me. I beg your pardon. Uh, maybe you know
my brother's boy. He's a member of the Imperial militia. He must be 24 or
25 years old by know. Good little guy...

IMPERIAL OFFICER: (to Saundan) Your identification is in order. You can go

The officer walks over to Saundan and gives him back his identification.

SAUNDAN: (to officer) Thank you, thank you very much. I just have a little
more work to finish up here and uh, oh by the way, uh, while I'm finishing up
here uh, why don't you boys uh, take it easy. Relax. Put your feet up and
make yourself at home. Wookiee food isn't the greatest but I'm sure I can
whip something up in the kitchen that we can all eat. (to Malla) Uh, you don't
mind do ya, Malla?

Malla growls something back at Saundan.

SAUNDAN: (forcefully) Malla will you come in the kitchen to help me.

Malla goes to the table to get her "boom box" on the way to the kitchen. The
guard pulls it away from her and examines it. Malla howls in anger.

SAUNDAN: (to guard) What are doing with that thing? That's a very delicate
piece of workmanship.

Saundan goes to Malla and comforts her. The guard puts the machine back
on the table.

SAUNDAN: (to Malla) Alright Malla, it's alright. (to guard) The slightest jarring
will mess up the whole works. If you're going to play around with it let me
show you how.

He reaches towards the machine and a stormtrooper pulls his blaster and
puts it in his face.

SAUNDAN: Relax, I gotta turn it on, don't I?

The guard motions for the stormtrooper to put his blaster up. The
stormtrooper complies.

SAUNDAN: Just sit down and enjoy it, okay?

Saundan pulls a chair out for the guard. The guard sits down in it.

SAUNDAN: Here we go.

Saundan opens the front of the box which folds down. He fools around
needlessly with it. He then "sees" a bug and claps it in his hands. He then
drops it to the floor and stomps on it. This is too much for the guard. He
stands up and yells at Saundan.

IMPERIAL GUARD: (angrily) Will you get on with it?

SAUNDAN: Okay, okay.

Saundan pushes one button on it and walks away. The box starts to produce
music and the guard sits back down in front of it. With the beat of it a small
pink light flashes. A band slowly starts to appear.


God, all dignified, if you want to. What
I would really like to know. Will you
light the sky on fire? Will you light
tonight like you did the night before?
Hey! You could take me higher than the
diamonds in the sky. Take me, light in
the sky and we'll vanish without a
trace and we'll see God then.

Temples and mirrors interest me.
Though all there really is to know. Will
you light the sky on fire? Will you light
the sky on fire again tonight? You can
take me higher than the diamonds in the
sky. Take me, we'll vanish without a trace
and then we'll all see God then.

On the pyramids of the legend. The
great god Kopa Khan came from the
stars and vanished. And the legends
say he will come back again someday,
someday... Will you light the sky on fire?
Will you light tonight like you did the night
before. You can take me higher than the
diamonds in the sky. Take me, light in the
sky and we'll vanish without a trace, And
then we'll see god then.

Yes, I would really like to know. What I've
been watching this for. Yes, I would really
like to know. Will you light the sky on fire?
Will you light the sky like you did the night
before? You could take me higher than the
diamonds in the sky. Take me, we'll vanish
without a trace. And we'll all see God then.

Vanish without a trace. Vanish without a
trace. Come on, come on, come on, come on,
come on, let's vanish without a trace. Come
on, come on, come on, come on, come on,
we'll vanish without a trace.

As the music ends the band slowly disappears only to leave the pulsating
pink light. When the music comes to an end the light stops. Saundan walks
back over to the guard.

SAUNDAN: I knew you'd like it.

IMPERIAL OFFICER: Your work here is finished. You may leave now.

SAUNDAN: I guess you're right. It's about all I can do for now. I hope you
guys find what you're looking for. Keep up the good work.

Saundan turns to go and stops where the wookiees are huddled.

SAUNDAN: (to Malla) Malla. (to Itchy) Itchy, please...

Itchy hands him the bag that he brought Lumpy's gift in earlier.

IMPERIAL OFFICER: Alright, finish the search of the residence.

The Imperial officer snaps his fingers at his troops. Saundan who is just
about gone turns back into the house.

SAUNDAN: Oh, I almost forgot. I want to leave you my card in case you need
any of uh, oh...

A stormtrooper stops him with his blaster pointed at his face. Saundan turns
to leave again.

SAUNDAN: Okay, I'm leaving.

IMPERIAL OFFICER: Investigate the upper area. Check for any Rebel
material. Anything to connect this household with the Alliance.

Saundan again heads back into the house.

SAUNDAN: Oh, don't forget about those protective cases for your
identification card. I gotta good item...

The stormtrooper again stops Saundan with his blaster.

SAUNDAN: That's it, I'm gone.

Saundan finally leaves.

IMPERIAL OFFICER: Finish the search of the house. We have other areas to
cover today.

The officer points his hand in a stormtrooper's face.

IMPERIAL OFFICER: (to stormtrooper) You! Take the upper area.

Lumpy tries to stop the stormtrooper from going upstairs but is violently
pushed aside by him. Malla jumps to her son's aid only to be stopped by the
other stormtrooper's blaster in her face. The officer pushes the blaster away
from Malla.

IMPERIAL OFFICER: Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uhh... We don't want to have to hurt
anyone. That's not what we're here for.

The officer snaps his fingers at the stormtrooper to dismiss him. The
stormtrooper walks away.

IMPERIAL OFFICER: But, when my men get angry I can't always control
them. We are going to continue our search. Now keep him quiet and I'll forget
this ever happened.

Malla takes Lumpy over to a table and chair. There is a small yellow box and
pair of headphones on it. Lumpy sits down and puts on the headphones. He
then presses a button. Strange lettering appear on the small screen. Lumpy
looks around to see if anyone is watching him. He sees a stormtrooper and a
guard going up the staircase. Lumpy pushes a button on the box and a
cartoon starts on the screen.


The camera goes through an asteroid field until it comes to a stop on a Rebel
base. A large portal is in the side of the station. Through it is seen a bustle of
activity going on inside.

CAPTAIN KAZAN: (voice over) Starlog 3-24-1 from the bridge of the cruiser
RS Reekvange, captain Kazan reporting. We are awaiting the return of
captain Han Solo and his first mate, Chewbacca. Who are long overdue on a
delicate mission to acquire the mystical talisman, which has been sought by
our forces and the Empire.


Luke, Leia, C-3PO, and Rebel General are looking out the portal into the
asteroid field. R2 rolls down a ramp and whistles at 3PO.

C-3PO: (to R2) The talisman - it makes things invisible, I think.

R2 beeps another question.

C-3PO: Yes, even you. Which I think might be an improvement.

A red colored alien with a headset is sitting at a communications console. He
is a communications officer. On the monitor, a blip is headed towards their
base in the asteroid field.

COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER: We've picked up something.

LUKE: It's the Millennium Falcon.

COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER: They're coming out of lightspeed. I can't
make contact.

REBEL GENERAL: Try a lower channel.

The radar display fades and a view of the cockpit of the Falcon is shown.
Chewie is seated and Han can be seen hanging upside down in the

COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER: (into headset) Falcon, do you copy? Come
in Falcon.

LUKE: It's Chewie. But where's Han?

LEIA: That's him! Hanging upside down!

COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER: (to Rebel General) I can't make radio

REBEL GENERAL: He's on a collision course. Princess, we're in mortal
danger from our own forces.

COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER: (into headset) Falcon, do you copy?

REBEL GENERAL: This is madness.

LUKE: You're right General. I can't understand what Chewbacca's doing.

LEIA: Whatever he's doing, there must be a reason. Hold your fire.

COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER: (to Rebel General) We've lost all contact,

The monitor with Chewie on it goes to static.


The Falcon is headed straight for the Rebel base.

REBEL GENERAL: (voice over) Standby. The Falcon is near impact.

The Falcon changes direction at the last minute and speeds away from the


LUKE: I'm going after them.

LEIA: Luke, take R2 with you.

R2 whistles.

LUKE: (to 3PO) What'd he say?

C-3PO: If something has happened to captain Solo and Chewbacca is alone,
you will need me to interpret.


A Y-wing flies through the asteroid filed and follows the Falcon. The Falcon
fires several shots at the Y-wing but miss.


Luke and 3PO are both seated in the cockpit. Laser blasts flash past the
canopy of the fighter.

C-3PO: Sir, he's firing on us.

LUKE: I know, but I don't think he means to hit us. Chewie's a better shot
than that.


The Falcon accelerates and speeds away from the pursuing Y-wing.

C-3PO: (voice over) Look, he's speeding up. We're losing him.

LUKE: (voice over) Not for long.


Luke holds his headset microphone closer to his mouth and speaks into it.

LUKE: (into headset) This is Y-4 to base. He's heading straight for a moon in
the Panos system.


The Falcon flies into a red jelly-like ocean. It goes under the surface and
pops back up on balloons.


The Y-wing is headed for the same moon that the Falcon landed on. The Y-
wing is shaking from entering the moon's atmosphere.

LUKE: (voice over) Hang on R2.


The cockpit of the ship is shaking violently.

C-3PO: What about me? I'm going to shake apart!


Leia and the communications officer are at the comm unit. Luke's
transmissions are being monitored by them.

LUKE: (over speaker) We're approaching the water planet. We're following
Han and Chewie...

The message is cut off by static.



The Y-wing is headed for the ocean.

LUKE: Hang on, 3PO. We're going in.

C-3PO: Are you sure this is the best way, sir?

The Y-wing bounces on the surface of the water several times before coming
to a rest. R2 whistles and balloons inflate to keep the ship above water.


3PO is in the back seat upside down. Luke who wound up under the
dashboard, sits up.

C-3PO: Master Luke, sir, are you all right?

LUKE: Yes. How 'bout R2?

R2 whistles that he is OK. Luke pushes a button on the dashboard and it

LUKE: Our comlinks are out. We can't contact the base.


The Y-wing is floating on the ocean. The cockpit hatch opens.

C-3PO: Where are you going, sir?

Luke stands up and looks around with his macrobinoculars.

LUKE: To see if I can locate the Falcon by visual sighting. Maybe it's close

A large creature has risen up from the water behind the Y-wing and roars.
Luke drops his macrobinoculars and pulls out his blaster. He fires on the
creature and hits it in the head. The creature just licks his licks as if it liked
being shot.

LUKE: (to R2) R2, stand by to fire the ejection pod.

The creature reaches its long neck down and takes a bite out of the rear of
the ship.

C-3PO: And hurry R2 or we'll be desert soon.

The front of the ship detaches and speeds away. The creature is hit by a ray
that makes it dive into the ocean. The ray came from a forked rifle held by
Boba Fett. He is seated in a saddle on another of the creatures.

C-3PO: What is it, master Luke?

LUKE: I'm not sure. (to Boba) You saved my life. Thank you.

BOBA FETT: You are alone?

LUKE: I have two droids. We've come in search of a ship that crashed near

BOBA FETT: Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is

LUKE: Are the Imperial troops near this planet?

BOBA FETT: They are here, friend and growing more powerful.

LUKE: How far away?

The creature that Boba is riding licks what remains of Luke's Y-wing. Boba
smacks the creature with his rifle.

BOBA FETT: (to creature) Settle down. (to Luke) All they do is eat.

Luke pulls out a ration pack.

LUKE: This is all we have but uh, he's welcome to it.

The creature wraps it tongue around the pack and pulls it out of Luke's hands
and into its mouth. It chews it and then swallows.

BOBA FETT: You are foolish to waste your kindness on this dumb creature.
No lower life form is worth going hungry for, friend. I take it you have no love
of the Empire.

LUKE: I don't.

BOBA FETT: Well, neither do I. It will be easy to find the ship you seek.
Follow me, friend.

He hits his mount with his rifle and the creature begins to move.


C-3PO: Don't you think it might be imprudent to trust him so quickly, sir?

LUKE: He's our only chance. And, besides he seems like a friend.

R2 beeps.

C-3PO: Indeed, friend is merely a term that is often misused.


Luke's Y-wing follows Boba Fett across the ocean. Several moons can be
seen in the sky.

LUKE: (voice over) Did R2 say that?

C-3PO: Words to that affect.

We then see the Millennium Falcon floating on its balloons.


Chewie is holding the glowing talisman in his hands. Luke is standing a

LUKE: Chewie, you've got the talisman. What's wrong?

Chewie growls.

LUKE: No, don't destroy it!

Chewie drops the talisman out of a porthole. Luke glows and then slumps to
the floor.

LUKE: The talisman...

Boba sees Luke on the ground and fires a rope from his wrist at Chewie. The
rope wraps itself around Chewie.

C-3PO: Boba Fett, no! He's a friend. Don't hurt him, Boba Fett.

BOBA FETT: What did he do to Luke?

Boba releases the rope that is holding Chewie. R2 whistles.

C-3PO: He didn't do anything. R2-D2 has detected contamination.

Chewie picks up Luke and carries him down a corridor. Everyone follows

C-3PO: It must have come from the talisman.

R2 whistles.

C-3PO: R2 says it's some kind of sleeping virus that only affects humans.

Chewie growls and then hangs Luke upside down next to Han.

C-3PO: He says the only way to keep them alive is to let the blood rush to
their heads.

BOBA FETT: I know this sleeping virus. The Empire uses on its enemies.
They have a remedy for it in the city. I could get some for you.

Chewie growls.

C-3PO: I'm afraid, Chewbacca insists on going with you.

BOBA FETT: You'll only get in the way. But, if you must. Come on.


Chewie and Boba ride his creature towards the city. When they arrive, they
climb up into the city through a duct.


Boba Fett and Chewie are standing in a doorway of a building. There are
many aliens around - either walking or standing.

BOBA FETT: You stay here while I get the serum.

Chewie growls.

BOBA FETT: I said stay, friend. Luke trusted me and I'm your only chance of
getting out of here alive. Do you understand me?

Chewie growls that he does. Boba walks away from Chewie and walks the
streets past many exotic aliens. He sees a shop with a sign advertising the

CAPTAIN KAZAN: (voice over) Starlog update: although Boba Fett quickly
located the serum for the sleeping virus - we had no idea of his real plan.

Boba goes to a public communications unit and inserts a card into it. Darth
Vader appears on the monitor.

BOBA FETT: I have made contact with the Rebels and all is proceeding as
you wish, Darth Vader.


At this revelation, Lumpy has a fit and starts howling. The Imperial officer
hears him howling and walks over to him. Lumpy quickly pushes a button on
the yellow box and a game comes up.

IMPERIAL OFFICER: What is it now? Oh is that all, just some silly game.

Lumpy shakes his head "yes." The officer walks away and leaves him alone.
Lumpy pushes another button and the cartoon comes back on.


3PO is checking Han and Luke with a strange device.

C-3PO: Yes, their metabolisms are slowing down. I wonder what's keeping
Chewbacca. Try to find them on the viewscreen.

R2 plugs his "arm" into the viewscreen controls. Darth Vader appears on the

C-3PO: Darth Vader!

DARTH VADER: (on monitor) Good work, but I want them alive. Now that
you've got their trust, they may take you to their new base.

The viewscreen switches from Darth to Boba.

BOBA FETT: (on monitor) This time we'll get them all.

The viewscreen switches back to Darth.

DARTH VADER: (on monitor) I see why they call you the best bounty hunter
in the galaxy.

C-3PO: Oh no! What will we do now?


A group of stormtroopers march by where Chewie is still hiding in the
doorway. Boba Fett returns.

BOBA FETT: I have the serum.

Chewie sniffs the air as if he smells something.

BOBA FETT: We must leave quickly, friend.


Boba Fett and Chewie flee the city on the creature. They are followed by an
Imperial gun boat manned by stormtroopers. The boat fires on the creature
carrying Boba and Chewie and miss. Boba pulls out his blaster and fires on
the boat. He misses. Chewie takes the blaster out of his hand and fires on
the boat. He hits it and it explodes.


Han and Luke are both untied and conscious. They are still groggy from the
sleeping virus.

BOBA FETT: Are you all right?

LUKE: I'm not sure.

HAN: What happened?

LUKE: I don't know.

HAN: Well, somebody must know something.

Chewie growls.

HAN: He says our friend Boba found serum for the talisman virus.

LUKE: Boba, you're a hero and a faithful friend. You must come back with us.

R2 goes nuts.

LUKE: (to 3PO) What's the matter with R2?

C-3PO: I'm afraid, sir, it's because you said Boba is a friend and faithful ally.
That simply does not feed properly into R2's information bank.

LUKE: What are you talking about?

C-3PO: We intercepted a message between Boba and Darth Vader, sir.
Boba Fett is Darth Vader's right hand man. I'm afraid this whole adventure
has been an Imperial plot.

BOBA FETT: We'll meet again, friend.

Boba walks toward a small panel with his blaster drawn. He pushes a button
on the panel and a hatch opens in the ceiling of the Falcon. He ignites his
backpack and flies out of the ship.

HAN: Well, trust a droid to get to the bottom of things.

LUKE: Boba sure fooled the rest of us.


Chewie growls as everyone enters the cockpit of the Falcon. Han and
Chewie take their seats.

C-3PO: I beg your pardon, sir. Chewbacca suspected all along there was
something bad about Boba.

LUKE: How did you know, Chewie?

Chewie growls and holds his nose.

C-3PO: May I quote directly, sir? He just didn't smell right.

Everyone laughs at this.


The Falcon flies from the planet and heads for space.

HAN: (voice over) Well, lets's get off this galactic raindrop.

CAPTAIN KAZAN: (voice over) Captain Kazan, starlog 3-24-1 signing off.
May the force be with you.


The cartoon ends. Lumpy applauds.


The Imperial guard and a stormtrooper tear apart Lumpy's room searching
for Rebel material. They throw his toys and belongings all over. The guard
even decides to tear the head off of Lumpy's stuffed bantha doll. He then
tosses it to the floor.

IMPERIAL GUARD: (to stormtrooper) Let's go.

The two head down the staircase.


The guard and stormtrooper come down the stairs.

IMPERIAL GUARD: (to officer) Nothing up there.

IMPERIAL OFFICER: (to Lumpy) Go clean up your room.

Lumpy reluctantly turns off his game and goes up to his room.


Lumpy goes into his room and howls at the condition that the Imperials left
his room in.


Malla looks upset at hearing her son's cry.

IMPERIAL OFFICER: (to Malla) That will keep him busy for a while.


Lumpy sees his bantha doll in pieces. He picks up the head and hugs it to his
chest. He then picks up the body and carries the parts over to his bed. He
lays the head and body on his bed and covers them up with a blanket. He
then starts to search his room for the cassette that came with the gift that
Saundan brought him earlier. He finds it and inserts it into the monitor in his
room. The tape starts to play and show a man holding an assembled mini-
transmitter. A woman's voice begins to speak.

WOMAN’S VOICE: (over speaker) This product was packed under strict
quality control on the system Amorphia and this instructional cassette
provided by the manufacturer. It offers a unique chance for consumers
everywhere to meet an Amorphian being. The motor abilities of Amorphian
citizens are frequently impaired by malfunctions which results in a temporary
loss of power. This in no way reflects on the safety of our product, rather it
should serve as a guarantee of our high standards of long wear and

The Amorphian puts the transmitter on a table and starts his instructions.

AMORPHIAN BEING: (on monitor) Thank you for selecting our brand of mini-
transmitter. If you assemble it properly, following the instructions I'm about to
give you. It will provide (slowing down) many years of fun and valuable
services. (normally) But, now let's get started, shall we? First, find the sealed
package containing all the tools you'll need. Ah, it looks like this.

The man picks up a clear zip-lock bag. Lumpy picks up his, also.

AMORPHIAN BEING: Try not to rip it open because it makes a very handy
storage case for your tools until you need them again.

He pulls a small tool out of his bag.

AMORPHIAN BEING: Now, this is the first thing you'll need. Please be
careful not to hurt yourself on the sharp edges.

He touches the tool's point and pulls his hand back in pain.

AMORPHIAN BEING: (slowing down) Ouch.

He picks up a very small item. Lumpy looks through his stuff to find his.

AMORPHIAN BEING: (normally) Now, find the circuit breaker module and by
the way, let's start calling these components by their proper names. (slowing
down) Circuit breaker module. (normally) Remember, every one of the ten
thousand terminals on your circuit breaker module is marked in a particular
color. Beautiful, aren't they? Like a rainbow. These must be connected with
the wires with the corresponding colors. So, red goes to red. Blue goes to
blue and so on. Now, watch me closely. (irregular speed) And we'll assemble
our mini-transmitters together. Let us work slowly and methodically because
this is a job worth doing well. (normally) Well, I see time is running out. So,
we better turn our attention to the assembly of the impulse to voice translator.
The impulse to voice translator. The very heart of the mini-transmitter which
converts electronic energy which provide into any of a thousand (slowing
down) recognizable languages. We must remain alert for this very
complicated procedure. Endurance and concentration are the key words here
and the total utilization of our neural cranial synapsis is absolutely essential.

While the Amorphian is saying his last part of dialogue, he crumples slowly to
the floor until his head comes to rest on the table. The cassette ends. Lumpy
gets to work on assembling his mini-transmitter.


The camera zooms in on the second story of Chewbacca's family's home.


Lumpy is seated on the floor. He is busy at work putting together his mini-


The Imperial officer and guard are talking quietly with one another. The wall
screen beeps and the Imperials walk over to see what the announcement is.
The screen shows a view of Tatooine from space.

MALE ANNOUNCER: (over speaker) The following live broadcast is
recommended by the Imperial council in the belief that your commitment to
remain upstanding citizens will be reinforced. It is required viewing for all
members of the Imperial forces.

The screen cuts to various scenes of activity in the streets of Mos Eisley.

FEMALE ANNOUNCER: (over speaker) Time now for life on Tatooine.
Brought to viewers everywhere in the hope that our own lives may be uplifted
by the comparison and enriched with the gratitude of relief. This transmission
is unrehearsed and unedited and is hereby begun without further comment
as to its lack of moral value.

The monitor cuts to a view inside of a cantina. There are dozens of bizarre
aliens seated throughout. The bar's patrons are being entertained by a Bith
band. Tork, the bar's bouncer, picks up a customer from his seat and takes
him out of the bar. A man walks into the bar past the exiting Tork and
companion. The man is Krelman and he is carrying a flower in his hand. The
bartender, Ackmena, interrupts two aliens seated at the bar who are

ACKMENA: Well, I'm certainly not going to get rich with customers like you. I
thought I taught you to drink faster than that. Well, at least you're steady. Oh,
come on now. Drink up. There's plenty more where that came from.

Krelman walks up to the bar and takes a seat. He places the flower on the

ACKMENA: (to Krelman) What'll it be?

KRELMAN: Hello, Ackmena.

ACKMENA: Okay, we'll do it your way. Hello. Now, we'll do it my way. What'll
it be?

KRELMAN: Can we talk?

ACKMENA: Well of course we can talk. We are talking. You're not ordering.
I'm not pouring. We are not drinking. We are talking.

Ackmena moves the flower aside that he brought.

ACKMENA: I'm moving this to make room for a drink, so that next time I say
"what'll it be" and you tell me. I can put it right there.

KRELMAN: Doesn't matter. Give me anything.

He points to a red pitcher behind the bar.

KRELMAN: I'll have one of those.

Ackmena gets the pitcher and pours some of it's contents into a glass in front
of him.

KRELMAN: I'm sorry I couldn't get back before.

ACKMENA: Ah, before what?

KRELMAN: Uh, until now, until tonight. I thought about it a dozen times. I had
to be sure.

ACKMENA: Ah, excuse me. I have a customer waiting. I'll be right back.

She walks away from him.

KRELMAN: "Come back soon, I'll be waiting."

Ackmena pours a drink for an Ithorian who is seated farther down the bar.
Krelman pours his drink into the top of his head.

KRELMAN: Ackmena?

She hesitantly walks back over to Krelman.

ACKMENA: How's your drink?

KRELMAN: It's all gone. Look, there's a flower on top of it.

ACKMENA: I see there is. Do you want another drink?

KRELMAN: The flower is for you. I wanted to bring you something and that's
all I could think of.

ACKMENA: I don't get many flowers. I uh... but you didn't have to bring me
anything Ah, ah...

KRELMAN: Krelman.

ACKMENA: Krelman, what a nice name.

KRELMAN: When I left here the other night, I felt something that I haven't felt
in longer than I care to remember. I felt alive again. Someone made me feel
like all the years I've lived meant something. And all you said was six simple
words. "Come back soon, I'll be waiting."

He counts the last six words on the six fingers of his left hand.

ACKMENA: Well, after all, only words I probably...

He grabs her hand in his own.

KRELMAN: (interrupting) ...more than words. I knew that at the time. That's
why I went home and thought and thought about what you said.

ACKMENA: Oh? What did I say?

KRELMAN: It uh, it doesn't matter, silly. What you said is not as important as
what you meant.

ACKMENA: Oh? What did I mean?

KRELMAN: I decided what you meant was exactly the thing I needed to hear.

ACKMENA: Well, I'm glad about that.

Ackmena walks further down the bar. Krelman gets up and follows her. He
even goes behind the bar after her. She is trying to clean behind the bar with
a rag.

KRELMAN: You know its funny. A man can live as long as I have. Through
all the ups and downs and just when he thinks its all over, someone cares for
him again. I wasn't looking for that when I came in here. Maybe that's why it,
it happened. Because I wasn't asking for love anymore. I wasn't desperate. I
wasn't begging, whining, ruffling, sniveling. I just came in here for a drink and
I find a lot more.

He hugs Ackmena from behind. She is at a loss for words.

ACKMENA: Uh, uh, Kerlman...

KRELMAN: Krelman.

She disengages herself from his embrace.

ACKMENA: Uh, lis... listen uh, Krelman. You're, you're kind and, and sweet
and, and terribly attractive but, if, if you're saying what I think you're saying
you felt you meant I thought you needed to hear then, I just have one thing to
say. I did not.

KRELMAN: Ackmena, don't do this to me...

ACKMENA: (interrupting) Now, please look! I have customers.

She motions for him to go back to the other side of the counter and he

ACKMENA: Why don't you sit down. Finish your drink. Have another drink.
This one's on me.

Krelman is back in his seat. Ackmena pours a directly from the pitcher into
the top of his head.

ACKMENA: Now, you stay just as long as you want. But, I have business to
attend to. I really have no time for anything else.

She puts the pitcher down and walks away.

KRELMAN: You'll change your mind. I just know you will. Six simple words. I
could wait forever to hear it again because I know...

A customer at the bar gets up and leaves. Ackmena waves farewell.

ACKMENA: (to customer) Come back soon, I'll be waiting.

Krelman gets upset and puts his hood over his head. He then puts his head
down on the table. The wall screen beeps and an Imperial officer appears on
it. The music and conversation stops as all attention is turned to the wall

IMPERIAL OFFICER: (on monitor) Due to increased activity among
subversive forces, we are placing a curfew on the entire Tatooine system
effective immediately. All inhabitants will return to their homes at once. This
order will remain in effect until further notice.

All conversation resumes in the bar. Ackmena walks over to the bandstand.

ACKMENA: (to band member) Okay, Bobbarine. Take a break.

He says something back to her.

ACKMENA: I don't know how long. Maybe forever.

The band has a fit at her answer.

ACKMENA: Oh, don't leave me now. Please, please, I have enough
aggravation. Alright, one more round before you leave. And this one's on the
me. (to Tork) Tork, see what the boys on the bandstand will have.

Tork heads over to follow her order. Ackmena goes back behind the bar. She
goes up to two aliens seated at the bar. They are speaking to each other in
an alien dialect.

ACKMENA: (to aliens) Gentlemen, gentlemen, I don't know how to tell you
this but I guess the wall screen said it all. We're closed.

The aliens just ignore her. She raises her voice to speak to everyone.

ACKMENA: (yelling) Gentlemen, I guess you didn't hear what I said. The
Empire has closed us down. Now, I know this sort of thing happens all the
time. I... I'm sure it's just temporary, fellas. The party is over.

Some of the patrons throw things at her. She gets angry. Tork comes to her

ACKMENA: (to patrons) How dare you. You stop that. (to Tork) Stop Tork, it's
alright. I'll reason with them.

She goes over to two more aliens seated at the bar.

ACKMENA: (to two aliens) Kelnor, Zutnor, come on you guys. Haven't I
always lent you money?

The continue their conversation as if she wasn't there. She walks over to a
table where Ludlow, a Rodian is seated.

ACKMENA: (to Ludlow) Ludlow, Ludlow, you of all creatures. Please do me a
favor and leave.

Ludlow looks down at the table and ignores her.

ACKMENA: Ludlow, you're heartless.

She goes to another table.

ACKMENA: (to Thorp) Thorp, Thorp, after all I've down for you. Short
memory, eh, Thorp?

He just looks away from her.

ACKMENA: (yelling) Short memory!

She goes to yet another table.

ACKMENA: (to creature, normally) Helpmus, do you remember the time

She realizes that the creature she is talking to is not Helpmus.

ACKMENA: I don't believe we've met.

Two aliens enter the bar. Ackmena walks over to them.

ACKMENA: (to aliens) We're closed! I said, we're closed. Look, I'm sorry we
are closed. The Empire just imposed a curfew on this planet. Everybody has
to leave right now. Now...

One of the aliens pulls a blaster on her. Tork comes to her aid. She stops

ACKMENA: (to Tork) Tork, I don't want anymore trouble. You, take care of
the door.

The two aliens go into the bar and take a seat. The crowd begins to pound
their empty glasses on the tables.

ACKMENA: Alright, alright, alright, alright. I can take a hint. We'll have one
more round. This one's on the house.

They crows stop banging the tables and cheer her. She heads back behind
the bar. The band starts to play again.

ACKMENA: (under her breath) I'll run a tab for the Empire.

Ackmena pours a drink and begins to sing. Drinks are poured for everyone.

ACKMENA: (singing)

Just one more round, friend. Then homeward
bound, friend. Don't forget me in your dreams.
Just one more song, friend. The night's get
shorter it seems. Just one more rhyme, friend.
Yes, it's a crime, friend. But you know time,
friend. Time can fly.

Some of the creatures get up and leave. Ackmena waves to them.

ACKMENA: (still singing)

So it's goodnight, friend. Goodnight, but
not goodbye. Just one more drop, friend.
Before we stop, friend. One more moment
face to face. Next time you're dry, friend.
Try stopping by, friend. If there's a light in
the place. We may not cry, friend. But we
survive, friend. Look, we're alive, friend.
You and I.

Some more creatures leave the cantina.

ACKMENA: (still singing) So say goodnight, friend. Goodnight, but not

An alien comes up to her and pulls her to the dance floor. She begins to
dance with him.

ACKMENA: (still singing)

Just one more dance, friend. Just one more
chance, friend. One more chorus, one more
tune. It's not the end, friend. If you're
a friend, friend. Then you come back to me
soon. But it's too late, pal. To celebrate,
pal. You have to wait, pal. Don't you cry.
Now, it's goodnight, friend. Goodnight
friend. Goodnight friend. Follow me!

Ackmena starts a line of creatures following her, swinging their glasses in the
air. She leads them to the door and they begin to file out. Tork takes the
glasses from their outstretched hands as they leave.

ACKMENA: (still singing)

You're such a dear, friend. You know
I'm here, friend. Is that a tear, friend.
In your eye? Now, it's goodnight,
friend. Goodnight friend.

The last few people have just left. Ackmena closes the door.

ACKMENA: (still singing) Goodnight but not...

She walks back into the bar. Krelman is standing behind the counter holding
his flower. He hands the flower to her. The wall screen goes off. The Imperial
officer's comlink beeps. He takes it off of his belt and pulls out the antenna.

VOICE: (over comlink) Return to base. Return to base. Return to base.
Return to base...

IMPERIAL OFFICER: (into comlink) Message received and obeyed.

He closes the antenna and puts the comlink back on his belt. He turns to his

IMPERIAL OFFICER: (to men) We leave at once.

The stormtroopers turn to go. The officer stops one of them.

IMPERIAL OFFICER: (to stormtrooper) You, stay here. There's a male
missing from this household and I want you to be here when he returns. It's
possible, he's one of the Rebels we're looking for.

The officer, guard, and stormtrooper all leave the house. From upstairs is
heard a voice.

VOICE: (from upstairs) Return to base. Return to base. Return to base.
Return to base...

The stormtrooper goes up the staircase to investigate.


The stormtrooper walks up behind Lumpy who is on the floor using his mini-

VOICE: (from machine) Return to base. Return to base. Return to base.
Return to base...

Lumpy turns around and sees the stormtrooper. He picks up the machine
and backs up against the wall. The stormtrooper approaches a terrified
Lumpy. He roughly grabs the machine from Lumpy's hands and throws it to
the floor. It breaks into pieces. Lumpy runs past him and goes downstairs.
The stormtrooper follows.


Lumpy runs down the stairs and out the door closely followed by the


Lumpy runs out the door. The stormtrooper stops in the doorway with his
blaster aimed at Lumpy. Chewie is standing to one side of the stormtrooper.
He starts to take his bowcaster form his shoulder but stops because of his
son's danger. The stormtrooper motions with his blaster for him to go over by
Lumpy. Han sneaks up behind the stormtrooper and knocks the blaster out of
his hand. Han makes a move to grab the fallen blaster and so does the
stormtrooper. The stormtrooper trips over some wood on the porch and trips.
He breaks through the railing and falls to his death. Han barely catches his
balance and saves himself from the same fate.

HAN: (to Lumpy) Lumpy, are there any more inside? Come here sweetheart.

Han picks up Lumpy in his arms.

HAN: It's okay. It's alright now. Everything's okay now. Here's your daddy.

Han hands Lumpy over to Chewie's waiting arms

HAN: (to Chewie) Boy, has he grown.


Han enters the home.

HAN: It's okay everybody. He's gone.

Chewie and Lumpy come in the door. Chewie leaves his bowcaster on the
floor by the door. Han goes up to Malla and hugs her.

HAN: (to Malla) How are ya? Malla! Ha,ha! (to Itchy) Itchy, you look
wonderful. Doing well, huh? Your son's been doin' you proud. He's saved my
tail more'n a couple of times.

Malla growls something to Han.

HAN: (to Malla) Look Malla, I'd love to but, I can't. I gotta get back to the
Falcon before somebody stumbles across her.

Lumpy runs up to Han and hugs his leg.

HAN: Hey, will you look at Lumpy? He's sure grown, huh?

Han kneels down in front of Lumpy.

HAN: An' I think his voice is changin'.

Lumpy lowers his head in embarrassment.

HAN: (to Lumpy) Come on, I'm just teasin' ya. Well, look.

Han stands up and faces Malla.

HAN: (to Malla) I gotta go. Have a nice Life Day. But be careful, a lotta
troopers in the area. (to Chewie) Chewie, check and see if the coast is clear,
will ya? (to everyone) You're like a family to me.

Chewie looks out the door and growls back at Han.

HAN: I know, bye.

Han turns and walks toward the door.

HAN: (to Chewie) Okay pal?

Chewie growls. Han turns back to the wookiee family and waves.

HAN: Bye everybody.

Han and Chewie turn and walk through the door.


Han and Chewie embrace.

HAN: Well pal, be careful.

Hans sees the stormtrooper's blaster on the ground. He picks it up and
tosses it off of the porch.

HAN: They'll be lookin' for him. Take care.

Han leaves. Chewie goes back inside his home.


Chewie closes the door and picks up his bowcaster. He and Malla exchange
howls. He places his bowcaster on the wood pile next to their fireplace and
hugs his father. He then hugs Malla. They are interrupted by a knock at the
door. Chewie grabs his bowcaster and opens the door. Saundan enters the
home to a bowcaster aimed at him.

SAUNDAN: (to Chewie) You sure know how to make a guy feel welcome.

Chewie lowers his weapon and shakes Saundan's hand.

SAUNDAN: Glad you're home, Chewbacca.

Lumpy runs up to the closed door and tries to look outside.

SAUNDAN: (to Lumpy) If you're looking for who I'm thinking you're looking
for, forget him. We won't be bothered by him again.

The wall screen goes on and an Imperial officer appears. Saundan and the
wookiees watch in silence.

IMPERIAL OFFICER: (on monitor) This is a general alert. Calling officer B-
4711, officer B-4711. We are unable to reach you on your comlink. Is there a
problem? You are instructed to turn on your comlink immediately.

The wookiees are disturbed by the announcement.

SAUNDAN: Wait, wait a minute. I think I can handle this.

Saundan pulls out his identification card and inserts it into the wall screen's
controls. He pushes some buttons and the screen comes to life. The Imperial
officer is again on the screen.

IMPERIAL OFFICER: We have two-way communication, trader Saundan. Is
this a report about the missing trooper?

SAUNDAN: (to officer) It is, sir. Trooper B-4711 was here with three other
men. They left and he remained. As soon as they had gone, he packed a lot
of food from this house and robbed me blind. Then, he took off for the hills.

IMPERIAL OFFICER: (taking a deep breath) Very well. We'll send out a
search party.

SAUNDAN: Thank you.

The call ends. Saundan pushes some buttons and removes his card. He puts
it back into his leather case.

SAUNDAN: Yes, sir. Identification is very important. Helps you maintain
contact with the Empire at times like this.

The wookiees growl at him. Chewbacca shakes his hand.

SAUNDAN: Lumpy. Itchy. Chewie. Malla. This day is for you. Have a
wonderful celebration.

Lumpy goes to Saundan and hugs his leg.

SAUNDAN: And may the force be with you.

Saundan turns and leaves the wookiee home. The wookiees all go to a shelf
and get glass globes that have something gold in them. The lights dim in the
room as the wookiees gather together. They are lit by an increasingly bright
shimmering light. They raise the globes into the air.


The wookiee family are standing in front of a starfield. They are in red robes
and are still holding their glass globes. The scene cuts to a procession of
wookiees heading into a bright light in the stars.


Dozens of wookiees in red robes are gathered together. They each have one
of the glass globes. R2 and 3PO are on a raised platform at the end of the
hall. The two go over to Chewbacca who is also on the platform.

C-3PO: (to Chewie) Happy Life Day. (to assembly) Happy Life Day,
everyone. And, we're certainly glad that we were allowed to celebrate it.

R2 whistles.

C-3PO: Yes, R2.

R2 whistles to 3PO.

C-3PO: It is indeed true, that at times like this, R2 and I wish that we were
more than just mechanical beings...

R2 whistles again.

C-3PO: ... and were really alive, so that we could share your feelings with

Luke, Han, and Leia all come out onto the platform. Leia runs to Chewie and
hugs him.

LUKE: Chewbacca!

Chewie growls and shakes Luke's hand.

LUKE: Chewbacca, we were so relieved to hear you were alright.

Chewie growls.

HAN: (to Chewie) All of you are an important part of my life, pal. I'm glad I
could be here.

LEIA: (to assembly) This holiday is yours but, we all share with you the hope
that this day brings us closer to freedom, and to harmony, and to peace. No
matter how different we appear, we're all the same in our struggle against the
powers of evil and darkness. I hope that this day will always be a day of joy in
which we can reconfirm our dedication and our courage. And more than
anything else, our love for one another. This is the promise of the Tree of

A slow version of the theme to "Star Wars" begins to play.

LEIA: (singing)

We celebrate a day of peace. A day of
harmony. A day of joy we can all share
together joyously. A day that takes us
through the darkness. A day that leads us
into might. A day that makes us want to
celebrate the light. A day that brings the
promise that one day, we'll be free to
live, to laugh, to dream, to grow, to
trust, to love, to be.

When the song ends, all the wookiees in the hall walk onto the platform past
our heroes. A close-up of Chewie is shown. He has a flashback of scenes
from events in the movie.


Chewbacca and his family are seated at their dinner table for a Life Day
meal. They join hands and lower their heads.


Light can be seen coming out of the houses windows. The end credits flash
on the screen.

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