domingo, marzo 28, 2004


was a 6 metre long reptile from the Middle Triassic period. The main feature that stands out about this animal is its extremely elongated neck 3 meters (10 ft) long, longer than its body and tail combined.
tanystropheus 1
I dunno why it was confused once with a pterosaur!
tanystropheus 2
Tanystropheus is considered to have been fish-eater, due to the presence of a long, narrow snout sporting sharp intelocking teeth.
tanystropheus 3
However some scientists have argued that such a disproportionate neck would have placed Tanystropheus' center of gravity in front of its arms- causing it to fall flat on its face every time its neck stuck out. So for them it was kinda arboreal!
tanystropheus 4
But it seems that it was just an amphibian (!) reptile!

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