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Dinorider galáctico

Mace y los profes de Dinorider
Via mi Home Beacon de Star Wars me enteré que una de las escenas del Episodio III iba a ser bastante diferente .. me refiero a la mecha entre Mace Windu y Palpatine... pasa que originalmente Anakin iba a estar ahí desde el inicio y el sable de él iba a salir volando a las manos de Palpatine quien con 2 sables iba a enfrentarse a Mace.. y para todos aquellos con ojos agudos en la película hay segmentos brevísimos donde se nota quese cambió la escena... Si quieren la versión extendida de esta nota aquí les mando lo que recibí:

The following is a sample entry of the new Set Diary series now available for Hyperspace members. In the summer of 2003, correspondent Pablo Hidalgo filed daily reports on the making of Episode III, but by necessity most of the plot details were obscured as to not spoil any secrets. Now that the movie is out, much of what was too hot in 2003 can be discussed, with further insight into the making of Revenge of the Sith.
It's one of the fieriest debates of online fan forums: when Palpatine was cornered in his office's giant window-frame, was he really overpowered by Mace? Or was he faking to lure Anakin? Could Mace really have gotten the upper hand on the Sith Lord?

George Lucas is the ultimate keeper of the true answer, and he's not telling... yet, anyway. If you had asked me in the Summer of '03, when the sequence was first shot, I would have had a solid answer. But, if you asked me in the Fall of '04, when the sequence was re-shot, well... for those who want to debate, it's best to know more of the story of how this scene came to be.

This entire sequence changed significantly during postproduction. What we witnessed in Sydney told a different story. Anakin did not earn Mace's trust by ratting out Sidious right away. He did not agonize over his decisions while sitting alone in the Jedi Council chamber. He did not rush in at the last minute to witness a questionable balance of power. Instead, he stayed at Palpatine's side, in the Chancellor's private office, as Mace and his posse of Jedi barged in.

"Stand behind me," ordered Mace, in Sam Jackson's demanding tones. But Anakin didn't budge. Instead, he watched passively as Palpatine used the Force to snatch Anakin's lightsaber from his belt and attacks Mace and the Jedi. There's ample evidence of this original version for those with sharp eyes and behind-the-scenes photos. Heck, even Hasbro action figures with Palpatine packaged with Anakin's lightsaber got out there in the initial shipments.

So, if Sidious' entire duel played out before Anakin's stunned eyes, I'd be inclined to think that his fall was just for show. This changed after a screening George Lucas held for a few key colleagues. Their reactions underscored the shortcomings of the way this duel was constructed. Anakin's inaction was hard to justify cinematically. "The story was there, but it wasn't clear," said Lucas at the time it came to rebuild this scene. "It was too abstract. We opened up that part and looked at what we could do."

When word of the change came down, the keepers of continuities started carefully tracking the evolving consequences. Palpatine had two lightsabers, then, since he loses this one in the duel with Mace. I still have in my inbox a tentative email from one of the authors asking, "um, have we figured out yet whose lightsaber Palpatine uses in the fight with the Jedi?"

At first, it was feared it was impossible to CG the small svelte-handled weapon over Anakin's relatively chunky handle, but nonetheless, that was the lightsaber given to McDiarmid for the pickup photography. The shots of Palpatine rising from his chair and extending the weapon were reshot. The bulk of the duel between Sidious and Mace stayed from principal photography, except for a new touch -- a kick to Palpatine's face, done with stunt double Michael Byrne. This was shot on a partial set of just a piece of window-frame on Friday, August 27.

So... with this revised duel, if Sidious threw the fight, it places an awful lot of faith on Anakin's timing ...and he suffered a kicked-in face to boot. For what it's worth to those arguing, I doubt there's anyone who thinks Palpatine's serious when he claims he's too weak. That's obviously a lie. But was the fall into the corner that preceded his pleas for help a lie as well?

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  1. Eldarion3:50 p.m.

    Me gusta la pelea de Mace Windu tal y como quedó... creo que hicieron bien en cambiarla a la que iba a ser

  2. Yo he visto la película 5 veces y no recuerdo haber visto 2 sables en manos de Darth Sidious

  3. ¿5 veces? ¿solo no? yo le dije a mi enamorada por la 4ta y me choteó

  4. 5 como que ya es mucho.. está bueno el culantro pero no tanto

  5. mmm yo creo que si cuando saquen el dvd deberian poner ambas escenas...

    es otra manera interesante de ver la caida de anakin...

    hubieran hecho lo mismo q anakin?? no fue mace (en ambas versiones) muy soberbio y arrogante tambien?

  6. si creo que Mace se perdió por mucho floro, debió darse cuenta que el chico darky estaba bien reloqueado


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