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Harry Potter 7 Spoilers... OMG... “No estábamos muertos, estábamos de parranda!!!”

Gracias a la tecnología todo se sabe, así que de fuentes confiables ... MuggleNet... les cuento que ya se sabe que 'Deathly Hallows' nos dará más de una sorpresa! Dicen que avisaran otras cosas en el transurso de hoy asi que les dejo el enlace.
Pero como dicen es secreto no vaya a ser que les cierren el sitio y a mi el pensieve... SHHH!
**Spoiler Alert**

"Dumbledore's triumphant resurrection, complete with the gaudy descent from the heavens on Sirius' motorbike was completely and utterly unnecessary...but at least we now know where the motorbike actually is and the significance of where it went after Book 1." -Brendan

"I couldn't believe Snape was the long lost love child of Aberforth and that goat. It explains so much, including Severus' appearance. And we now know why he told Harry to never call him a 'cow'-ard, because he was in fact part goat." -Micah
JAJAJA osea Snape ahora tiene nueva chapa COWard! De razón!... JAJAJA ... el hijo de Aberforth!! Caray!

"It was great to find out what happened to Ollivander. I loved it when he walked into the Order meeting wearing a pink Hawaiian shirt, a straw hat and sunglasses and received a room full of blank stares. It was particularly funny when Lupin turned and said, 'Well, look who decided to show.'" –Andrew
Sin comentarios, se pasó Ollivander...

"I always had an inkling that there was more to Hermione; her immediate knack with magic, and her irregular mood swings towards supposed 'friends,' Harry and Ron. I should have known she'd switch to the Dark side eventually. I just wish she hadn't killed the whole of Ravenclaw in the process - I suppose it was just her annoyance at not being sorted there initially." –Ciaran
AH NO! ESTA NO LA CREO HASTA VERLO CON MIS PROPIOS OJOS EN EL PAPEL DEL LIBRO! AH NO!... buaaaa.. porque siempre que me fijo en una chica resulta que no es nada de lo que parecía!! No es justo! No es justo!

"Funny how things turn out, who would have thought Ron would become the ninth member of The Weird Sisters. Ron with long hair and living the rock star life? Shocking!" –Rachel
JAJAJA, bueno viendo a Rupert El Grinch... digo Grint ya no es tan difícil.

"I couldn't believe Harry slipped on a slice of carrot cake and fractured his pelvis. I thought it was uncalled for humor in an otherwise serious and superb book." –Jamie
Bueno, si George Lucas creó a Jar Jar Binks nada me extraña ya.

"I never thought the wizarding world would get their revenge on Snape; however, I commend JKR for proving me wrong. The Order using spells to hold Snape down and wash his hair multiple times was the worst kind of punishment imaginable for him." –Mandie
JAJAJA me da ganas de decir Accio Libro 7! Snape me sonó a Beckham, no esperaba que fuera tan metrosexual.

"So Dudley's worst memory when attacked by the Dementor was being told he had to diet." –Nick
Hacer dieta de terror de Dudley?? Bueno, algo bueno tenían los dementores, vale consejo hasta de un dementor!

"I still laugh every time I think about Draco and those geese. I guess it's not just sleeping dragons you're not suppose to tickle." –Natalie
En general medio miedoso el Drakito, hasta a los hipogrifos!

"Who knew that J.K. Rowling would employ the use of the often-frowned-upon literary technique referred to only as 'the dog ate my homework gag,' when justifying the location of the seventh Horcrux?!" –Eric
“El perro comió mi tarea” con un Horcrux? ME intriga esto, a qué cosa o lugar se refieren? Hummmm..

"I was completely shocked to discover that Cedric Diggory has been alive this whole time, getting his laughs in by standing behind the veil and whispering. As for Sirius... all I can say is after a year of making that thing flow in the wind, Cedric was in need of a 'Sirius' snack!" - Laura
Osea que si Cedric ha estado vivo, por matemática eso significa que Sirius... es posible???? Tengo que leer ese libro 7!

"The symbolic revelation that Dumbledore is actually an Animagus living in the form of a bumblebee does not do much to disprove the theory that Harry Potter is a children's book. However, after Voldemort's tragic and gruesome death caused by the shift in gravity and the moon falling down to earth, crushing him beneath it, I'm pretty sure this is a book mothers all over the world will be keeping far away from their children." –Roni
Que las madres desearan ver este libro muy lejos de sus hijos??? Bien webas son, eso hará que los hijos quieran leer más el libro! Que pasara con Voldemort? Muchas cosas que dejan intriga hay en camino.


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  1. ... antes que me linchen... por siaca hoy es 1ero de abril

  2. Pensaba que Ron deseaba ser futbolista del aire... quiditchista?

  3. Nada vence la broma de Mugglenet-Leaky del años pasado. Nada....!

  4. Anónimo3:31 p.m.

    MALO, MALO, casi me da infarto :P

  5. no me echen la culpa de las consecuencias de sus pecados

  6. T^T VOldieeeeeeeeeee snif, Voldieeeeeeeee

  7. uuuuff verdad!, te hice acordarte de tu gorrion mascota.. claro el Voldie!

  8. ya, pero también temo por el señor oscuro!

  9. Juajuajua! April Fools'!

  10. Hika: Balrogs! no pense que tenias lazos con los mortifagos

    El Rojo: BINGO! y parece que hubo quienes cayeron redondito JAJAJA

  11. yo no

    ni lo lei


    (eso significa que también caí, no???)

  12. bueeeeeeeeeno... mi hermana es mortífaga

  13. Jocho: AJA!

    Hika: ya decia yo, toda familia tiene su oveja negra

  14. Jajaja... ya me la habia creido... que se me iba a ocurrir que era tu broma por april's fool.

    No pes. Ya me parecía raro que Dumbledore y Sirius reaparecieran.


  15. si haces click a la tag 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' que está al pie del post encontrarás la información oficial

  16. uff! tuve q tratar dcontnrme para uamntar le suspnso
    asu, si eso q d hermione s mortifaga oe seria, lo suponia xq siempre recorrian rumores d q moriria, y siempre m ha caido mal asi q qria qla maten los buenos muajajajaja
    y no dic naa d luna?
    ahora ultimo vi una ntrada n el diairo d jk rowling n su pagina q dcia q l calamar gigant podia ser godric gryffindor animago xD! no se si stara bromeando o.O"
    weno grax x los spoilers!!!
    n serio!
    m alivian un toque!
    y admas supongo q hermion era asi d intlignt xq l nseñaban arts osuras muajaja (xq px tnia tantas clases y avcs se desaparecia!) para algo weno abra tnido ese girtiempo... prodn malo:D!

  17. no, este post fue mi broma de April's Fool! el otro dia de los inocentes!

    El acceso a los verdaderos datos de Harry Potter 7 están linkeados en el post de Deathly Hallows (label cloud de la derecha -- Harry Potter)


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