lunes, septiembre 12, 2011

PaleoArte: Pareja de Archaeopteryx por Peter Bond

John Williams – Across the Stars
Peter Bond es un amigo canadiense paleoartista que ha hecho esta representación y más. Dedico el PaleoArte de esta semana al querido amigo Chepis que ya es hombre casado con su amada Seren. Felicitaciones, que vivan felices y coman .... arqueo ..... perdices!
In English:
Peter Bond is a canadian paleoartist friend who's done this painting as well as many others. I dedicate this week's paleo artwork to my dear friend Chepis who just married to his dear Seren. Congratulations, live happily ever after and eat  .... archaeo ... partridges!*
* It's used to read phrases like "they lived happily and ate partridges!" after a fairy tale's wedding because the original phrase in spanish rhymes "y vivieron felICES y comieron perdICES!".

10 comentarios:

  1. Son muy bonitos. Dignos de un cuadro y todo.

    Cuáles serían sus colores reales porque en cada sitio los veo de una forma. Supongo que será algo difícil de dilucidar :)

    ¡Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Cuentos de hadas... quién pudiera adoptar un papel protagonista, más hoy en día.

    ¡Vaya par de tortolitos(enamorados)!

  2. Wow Dinorider! I am honored to have my work given as a gift!

    I think it's for a gift - but I'm not so sure as I can't quite figure out the spanish, even with the online translator! You'll have to let me know what the comments say:)

    Thanks again! Cool!

  3. @ Esther:
    Sí, muy bonito,

    @ Pete:
    Yeah, it is a wedding gift to a friend of mine. I edited the post as I can see C3Po got some issues while translating.
    Esther said she liked this couple and may want your painting in a beautiful frame.

  4. Yeah! It's fantastic for my flat, for example :D

    Bye, bye.

  5. Chevere el dibujo.

    Mi inglés es demasiado básico XD.

  6. El texto en inglés es lo que dice en español, sólo que Peter es angloparlante y francófono.

  7. Thank you so much Esther! I think you and Dinorider have inspired me to start a RedBubble or Etsy shop!

    Dinorider: I hear even C3P0 can have an off night once in a while;)

    Thank you too Pioraptor! I am sure your English is very good!

  8. Yes, why not having a RedBubble or Etsy shop?


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