sábado, enero 04, 2003

Waterfall City

"A new live action series filmed in Budapest, Hungary follows in the footsteps of the lavish hit ԭegaseriesՠwhich aired on ABC in May 2002. The series continues to present a dramatic and emotional portrait of a lost continent where dinosaurs and humans live together. Leading the new cast will be Erik von Detten and Shiloh Strong, starring as teenage brothers Karl and David Scott with Michael Brandon portraying their father, Frank. Dinotopiaճ other human inhabitants include Georgina Rylance as the smart and beautiful Marion; Jonathan Hyde as Marionճ father, Mayor Waldo; Sophie Ward as Marionճ mother, revered matriarch Rosemary; and Lisa Zane as Le Sage, who becomes the beautiful leader of a renegade group known as the Outsiders. The series airs Thursdays from 8:00-9:00 p.m., ET. (ABC/HALLMARK)"
I guess I prefered the first film.

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