lunes, octubre 03, 2005


Gwaihir's Realm
The Lord of the Eagles was surveying his realm from the top of the mountains..... suddenly he heard murmurs from far away.... from beyond the mountains... from beyond the forbidden forest... from... the Old Castle?
gwaihir flies
I'll investigate.... perhaps those wizarding padawans are doing something stupid as usual....
But I think I'll better ask the white wizard before... perhaps he knows what is happening...
Gwaihir in Orthanc
Of Course I know! This is Wizarding's Week .... I should be there in the Old Castle ... can you help me arriving there? Oh Thank you for saying yes!
But I haven't answered yet!
But we don't have time to discuss that Mr Eagle so... hurry up!
gwaihir from
By the way there are some fellas that would like to go ... let's help them go!
They look like drunk derelicts!! and I don't want to...
Thanks Mr Eagle! Hey guys! The eagles will carry you! and you do NOT have to pay! It's free!
Oh My Wings! Fireworks!
I guess we are late
I guess you are late!
Gwaihir in Mount Doom

If you want to know what is going on you'll have to learn spanish and visit my human pet's blog!

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